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  • reservations are subject to availability.
  • must be made in writing to: bookings@pondobeachcamps.co.za / info@pondobeachcamps.co.za
  • are only valid once Pondo Beach Camps confirms the reservation in writing, and may in addition thereto, in its sole discretion require payment of the stipulated deposit.
  • amendments or cancellations are valid only if confirmed in writing by Pondo Beach Camps.


  • are inclusive of VAT at 15% and will be adjusted accordingly on amendment of the standard rate as determined by SARS
  • are quoted in South African Rands
  • are subject to availability and may be amended without prior notice (rates quoted for confirmed bookings will be honoured).


  • regrettably, a strict no-dogs allowed policy.



on confirmation of a reservation:

  • a deposit of 50% of the invoiced rate is payable with 14 days of confirmation of the reservation to secure your booking.
  • full payment of the invoiced rate must be made 30 days prior to arrival.
  • where a reservation is confirmed less than 14 days prior to arrival, a deposit of 50% of the invoiced rate must be paid within 48 hours of confirmation to secure your reservation, and full payment must be made prior to your arrival.

all reservations are subject to cancellation penalties as follows:

  • cancellations made:
    • 8 weeks or more prior to arrival – 25% of the invoiced rate will be forfeited.
    • less than 8 weeks prior to arrival – 50% of the invoiced rate will be forfeited.
    • less than 4 weeks prior to arrival – 100% of the invoiced rate will be forfeited.

invoiced rates are on a per person per night basis and the above cancellation penalties will apply accordingly to group bookings and cancellations or no-shows. 



Hiking Trails:

Due to the number of risks and challenges associated with safety, community and conservation along the Pondoland Coastline, Pondo Beach Camps (PBC) has identified trail partners through which all hiking trails are booked. Any other operator (or individual) wanting to use our camps as a stopover on a hiking trail must do so through one of these partners. This is to ensure that all safety, community approvals and conservation requirements are being met. Should your company wish to be considered as a trail partner, please send written motivation, including details/confirmation of the points mentioned below, for the attention of PBC management at info@pondobeachcamps.co.za . PBC management reserves the right to appoint or disqualify prospective trail partners. 

Should you wish to book a hike through one of our existing trail partners, please contact info@pondobeachcamps.co.za and we will be able to connect you with the partner that will best cater for your particular trail needs. 


Due to the inaccessibility, lack of mobile signal and the technical nature of the coastline, Pondoland poses considerable risks to individuals, companies and operators that:

·       Do not have a comprehensive safety and evacuation plan in place.

·       Do not have guides/tour leaders who have extensive experience in the area.

·       Do not have necessary support structures in place in the area. 


The local communities in Pondoland form a fundamental part of the wellbeing of the area and the success and sustainability of PBC relies heavily on a healthy working relationship with these communities. Regular meetings and established communication channels with the various stakeholders are essential. 


Pondoland falls within an incredibly fragile centre of endemism and it is imperative that strict measures are taken to enforce low impact, environmentally sustainable tourism.